May You Reach Your Dream

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phil. 4:13).

Inside Left:

The Dream Within Your Heart

Sometimes when you set out to achieve
the dream within your heart,
you are filled with so much excitement
that you could hardly wait to start.

Then the road gets a little rugged,
and sometimes you are reluctant to climb the hill.
But you must always see yourself
succeeding, if you want to fulfill God’s will.

Decide you are going to stand firm
and not easily fall or sway
by the least adversity that arises
and suddenly comes your way.

Hold on to your determination,
and don’t let your persistence slip away.
They go hand in hand,
so make them your mainstay.

When you finally realize your dream,
the Lord will allow you to see
why you had to endure your trials
before He could give you the victory.

Inside Right:

Don’t give up. God is more than able to
help you fulfill the dream within your heart.

Praying That You Reach All Your Dreams

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